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Based on HSF’s modern processing facilities and development experiences on microbial fermentation, HSF will provide professional contract manufacturing services
Tailored upon your pain point, and unique request from products and market, HSF will customize the specific product development solution, and design a characteristic product on formula, specification and various applications
Based on your unique request on composition,function, costing and applications, HSF will provide blend and premix services using our modern processing facilities and packing solutions
Fermtek® R&D Leader
Dr. Meng Yonghong
Chief scientist at HSF
Professor of the College of Food Engineering and Nutritional Science of Shaanxi Normal University
Deputy Director of the High Value-added Fruit Research Center in Western China, Ministry of Education
Secretary-General of Shaanxi Food Science and Technology Association
Co-founder and CTO of HSF Biotech.
Personal Honors
Sci-Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent in Shaanxi Province
Director of Shaanxi Agricultural Engineering Association
Editor of China Oils and Fats
Editor of Chinese Fruits an
Personal Honors
Dr. Meng is Ph.D. at China Agricultural University, postdoctoral at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and senior visiting scholar at Washington State University.
Till now, Dr. Meng has been engaged in:
2 general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 of the 863 Project of Ministry of Science and Technology,
2 Sub-project of National Key Research and Development Project
Numbers of scientific research projects of Doctoral Funds of the
Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Science and Technology Department
Academic Achievements:
Published more than 90 papers, including 30+ SCI papers
Obtained 53 patents of invention
Second and Third Sci-tech Awards of Shaanxi Province
Co-edited two monographs
Functional ingredients
manufacturing from oil/fruit
Microbial Fermentation
Six Steps for Vertically-Integrated DeePPD® Services
Tell us what’s your pain point and requests on your products and marketing
HSF’s professional market and R&D teams will negotiate and work with you to customize a product solutions
Tailoring a specific timetable and schedule for this product development, and provide lab scale and pilot scale samples,contrast samples and related evaluation reports
Updating and modifying our solutions upon your comments or feedbacks from samples until you are satisfactory finally
Working on trademark, patenting, intellectual property protection and functional evaluation, sign agreements with HSF on confidentiality and cooperation
Schedule a massive production, packing and delivery etc. flowing chart, HSF will be open and transparent during the entire progress to you
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