Current fermentation technology is based on wisdom from the ancient. Therefore, we only use
safe and known microorganisms to directionally bring the bioactivity to controllable and stable
stage, and above all, by state-of-the -art modern manufacturing facilities and management.
Innovation in Technology
Innovation in Business Model
Why choose Fermtek®
10 Years’ continuous experience in
Vast varieties and registered
strains bank
Two individual fermentation and
extracting production lines
Advanced laboratories that utilize
state-of-the-art equipment
Quality assurance systems
(like cGMP, HACCP, FSCC22000 etc.)
Fully-controlled fermentation
and extracting process
How Fermtek® Matters
Strong R&D platform &Technical Supports
Increasing Concern on Food Safety
Requirement on lowering the cost
Sustainable Development of Ecology
HSF takes the R&D model of independent R&D as the main focus, supplemented by cooperative development. It formed a joint microbiology laboratory with Shaanxi Normal University and now has four laboratores:

I. Microbial research laboratories: strain screening, mutagenesis, genetic engineering, stimulation of strain potential.

II. Biotransformation laboratory: study of strain metabolites and enzyme activities to improve product yields.

III. Fermentation laboratory: optimization of fermentation conditions, fermentation step by step expansion of suitable production.

IV. Extraction and separation laboratory: Study the specific extraction conditions based on product characteristics to improve yield and reduce costs.

Advantage one advanced management concept and sound system.

We have the international advanced management concept of fermentation workshop and have built a strict quality management system. (cGMP、ISO22000、ISO9001、Halal、Kosher、SC certification). Guarantee aseptic environment, product quality and stability between roduction batches to meet customers' requirements for product safety and high quality.

Advantage two advanced fermentation equipment plant with precise control of fermentation parameters.

HSF owns international advanced fermentation equipment, membrane filtration equipment, freeze-drying equipment and fully automatic control equipment. Accurately control the oxygen, temperature, pH and replenishment method during the fermentation process to bring out the maximum potential of the strain. Total refinement monitoring to ensure that each production process is visible and controllable.

Advantage three self-developed patented strains and culture conditions.

Most of the fermentation strains of HSF come from self-developed patented strains (ZL202111089489.0, a strain of Acorus calamus Burkholderia A1-07 and its uses; ZL202110939731.2, a strain of anaphylatoxic acid bacteria and its application; 202210738203.5, a lactic acid bacterium HSF-LAB-1303 and its use; 202210688627.5, a microalgae mutant strain with high tocopherol content, its screening method and application; 202210204582.X,a cultivation method and screening method of microalgae with high tocopherol content). HSF has industry leading high throughput and high conversion rates. In accordance with the unique nature of different strains, optimize fermentation conditions, develop natural and inexpensive culture media, reduce costs and improve the competitiveness of the industry.

Popularization of science on the liquid and solid fermentation:

Liquid fermentation: A fermentation method that presents a liquid state of the material in the fermentation stage. Conventional products are metabolites of microorganisms, like β-carotene, vanillin, lycopene, etc. Advantages of liquid fermentation: fast, low cost and high yield.

Solid fermentation: Fermentation method on a solid substrate with no or substantially no free water. The regular product is a mixture of substrate and microbial powder, such as vinegar, white wine, pickles, etc. Advantages of solid fermentation: good enzyme activity; simple equipment, low investment; easy post-treatment, less pollution.

Quality & Accreditation

We have been approved by many cases of on-site audit on facilities and documentation from world well-known brands. Registered SEDEX and Ecovadis with high score, HSF maintains a healthy sustainability and social responsibility, through our commitment to the high-quality management standards, including compliance and safety, we provide an unmatched level of certainty to our customers.

We guarantee full transparency and traceability of every batch we manufactured, ensuring that you have everything you need to create promising products with complete confidence.

FSSC 22000
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